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Resha Royal Imperial Hotel

Mr. Silas Majyambere, Rwandan-Ugandan businessman, often residing in Djibouti, is the promoter of this "resort" of gigantic proportions. It is a tourist complex consisting of the old Castel Maus, with several houses build in line. There are  some large lodges build in Ugandan style, who contain a bar and a living room rooms, and there some round houses with two floors and thatched roofs where the presidential suites are (12 villas, each named after an African country). Facilities built on stilts on the lake welcome guests to eat and drink. The original ambition of this project was to open Burundi as a luxury tourism destination.

Resha is still under development, but already in use.

RN 3 Minago, BP 1316 Rumonge
Tél : 79 920 005



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