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Rumonge is a city in southern Burundi. It is located in Bururi province, 72 km from the capital Bujumbura.

latitude: 3 ° 58 '20 south (= -3.9722)
longitude: 29 ° 26 '20 is (= 29.4389)

Elevation: 809 m above the sea level

Rumonge is located southeast of Burundi, bordering Burundi, Congo – Kinshasa and Tanzania, and that's the reason why many people from both countries can be found in Rumonge. Rumonge is near Lake Tanganyika. Its population is approximately 50,000 inhabitants. The town of Rumonge is located north of the town of Kigoma in Tanzania and east of the city of Baraka.

In the city center, most people are Christian (Catholic and Protestant) and a few are Muslims.


The economic importance of the region Rumonge is coming from from Lake Tanganyika and the fertility of its soil. There are many fishermen, and the fish is sold in different parts of Burundi. Cassava is cultivated over there, the main food in Rumonge and in the rest of the region, where Swahili is the language.

The palm tree is also cultivated there, which contributes greatly to the economic balance of Rumonge.

With regard to livestock, it should be noted that there are many animals in Rumonge: downtown, we find chickens, ducks, goats, sheep, cattle and pigeons. We did not find any pigs or dogs, animals that Muslims do not like.


Rumonge is an area for tourists. There are many beaches, beautiful landscapes, beautiful mountains, and nice hotels.

Saga Resh (located on Lake Tanganyika) is the best and most beautiful beach of Burundi. It was well known during the Belgian colonial period and after independence, the Burundians also discovered its touristical value.
This is a great beach with beautiful white houses of respectable size. The water is always pure and the tourists, and citizens of the capital and the people from other parts of Burundi go there in the weekends to enjoy the fresh air at Lake Tanganyika. They go for a swim, to enjoy the suns, listen to or make music.
But other, smaller beaches are also appreciated by the people for air quality and the beauty of the water.

With those who love nice landscapes, Rumonge offers the finest in the Burundi. The green surroundings are always admirable. Palm trees provide a beautiful scenery, specially in combination  with the hills and the small rivers that surround Rumonge.

It is in Rumonge, in the south of Burundi, that a great and beautiful hotel in European style was build. It attracts many international tourists. But there are also other smaller hotels.



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