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East African Hotel Nyanza-Lac

East Africa Hotel Nyanza-Lac

Welcome to the East African Hotel NYANZA-LAC

East African Hotel is really an hotel, built on millennium rocks on the river of Tanganyika Lake (second deepest lake in the world) and located near the historical places "Borton & Speke" at Nyanza-Lac Commune in Makamba province at the foot of Burundi (Southern – West). It is a natural freshness that surrounds the hotel.

East Africa Hotel Nyanza-Lac

Conference room

The hotel has a conference room with a capacity of 250 to 300 people. The conference room is equipped with sound high-tech equipment and translation is also provided. In addition to all these facilities, the room gives a nice view to the Tanganyika Lake.

Bar & Restaurant

The hotel has a restaurant of quality food services that you will find breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. ….. The Hotel also offers of different beverage categories to suit the tastes of customers from diverse backgrounds.

The rooms

The rooms are divided into a series of apartments, each apartment independently of the other. Luxuriant nature adds to the beauty of the hotel. The rooms are spacious, the beds of unparalleled comfort, barcon of your room gives a nice view to the lake .You have any kind of trip (Holiday, Business, tourism,…..), just been scheduled for you (Fridge, air conditioning, Internet connection) and all the little attentions that make the difference.


  • Exceptional welcoming
  • Rooms
  • Bar – Restautant
  • Conference Room
  • Conférences Organization
  • Events Organization
  • Boat tour Organization


Phone : +257 22 506097
Mobile : +257 79 922381 / +257 79 937366 / +257 79 950517

E-mail : info@eastafricanhotel.bi 
Website : www. eastafricanhotel.bi



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