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Saga resort

Burundi differently!

Lodgings and rooms of quality for hosts , sites of discovered inheritance, activities of full nature, craft industry of art… The uncontrolled development of tourism too often causes damage human, social or ecological sometimes considerable and, worse, irreversible : concreting, pollution, destruction of remarkable sites, deculturation… can one then speak about development?

And if we visit differently ?

The eco-tourism is the only alternative which ensures the safeguarding of all that make the richness of the visited areas. It is a tourism which is registered voter in the duration so that our children and our small children can taste there. It is a tourism of nature and of venture, a tourism responsible and respectful of the environment, of the culture and the local traditions. Its vocation is to reduce as much as possible the pressure undergone by these often weakened mediums. Us, promoter of the eco-tourism, naps associated within Saga Ecotour to make you discover authentic Burundi, near to nature and people. All different in our activities – but complementary in a step and a reflexion communes – we share the same ethics of respect of the people and inheritance. We work so that this concept is registers durably within the working group of the local socio-economic development. In love with Burundi, we privilege tourism with human size. On our premises, you will be received like true friends more than like simple customers.

  • With us, come to discover the tea, the coffee, the cane with sugar and all these cultures which modelled the face of the country ; in Teza, Kayanza, Ngozi, Kirundo and Gihofi.
  • Traverse the mountain lanes along the peaks that had to traverse Stanley and Livingstone, from Nyanza-Lac to Kabezi.
  • Discover the places of tasty kitchen in Burundi.
  • Plunge in water turquoises of Tanganyika where nest of tasty fish.
  • Slip among the mangroves which relative, in the rougeoyant evening, of a flight of white brushes or of sympathetic nerves pelicans of Kirundo and Rusizi. Immerse you in the " world of the silence" at the bottom of the lakes grouillants of an unsuspected life chatoyante, lakes of North. On our sites, in our museums, meet impassioned which will make you share their knowledge and their enthusiasm.
  • Come ressourcer in magic gardens and leave envoûter by the songs of the birds of the lake Rwihinda, called lake with the birds.
  • Traverse, softly, accompanied by qualified guides of the still preserved natural environments : l’ astonishing mangrove of Rweru, the majestic tropical forest of Kibira.
  • Find the calm one while letting to you accomodate by our lodgings and rooms for hosts. In full nature, some steps away from a village, you are sure to place in friends who will be able to answer the questions that you are still posed and will be made a pleasure of helping you to prepare one shortly after discoveries.

Saga Plage Resort

is a framework of professional services of restoration, lodging, tourism & leisures. It consists of several establishments whose geographical localization answers your ambitions, to your concern of discovering the various aspects of the tourist richness of Burundi. Thus, our establishment are located throughout Lake Tanganyika : Saga Plage

It is between the Roadway of Uvira and the Lake Tanganyika, Saga Plage ensures you of its recognized services of share its professionalism : Restoration, Lodging, rooms of conference & spectacles, Tourism & leisures, etc.




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