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Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika is regarded as the second largest and second deepest freshwater lake in the world after Siberia’s Lake Baikal. Situated amidst the natural beauties of the Great Rift Valley of Africa, the lake joins the Congo River followed by the Atlantic Ocean. Burundi, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia-all the four countries enjoy some parts of Lake Tanganyika. Spread over a massive area of 32,900 square kilometers, the grand lake is encompassed by high mountains from all sides.

Lake Tanganyika is not only a place of tourist attraction; the surrounding areas of the lake are also developed for various economic activities. Mining, livestock raising and agriculture are the primary economic activities of the place. Fishery is also an important industry in Lake Tanganyika, with wide varieties of fish found in the deep lake. New species of fish are also discovered regularly in the lake with 350 existing species of fish.

Transportation facilities to Lake Tanganyika are with ferries operating between Kigoma and Bujumbura. With an average width of 50 kilometers, Lake Tanganyika has ample opportunities for water sports activities. Water diving, snorkeling and swimming are various types of activities, which are enjoyed in Lake Tanganyika. In many areas under the Lake Tanganyika, fossils of rare species of fish and aquatic animals are found. The lake also provides abundant facilities and topics for research and development for marine sciences.


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