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Bururi Natural Reserve

Burundi weavers

The Natural reserve of Bururi is a 3300 ha expanse of altitude damp forest. The town of Bururi offers visitors this wonderful panorama.

In this place there are about 117 different species of birds and 25 different species of mammals have been identified in a forestland surrounding of multifarious vegetation. On a walking circuit along the botanical lanes and trails of this forest the visitor will fully enjoy the wild coolness of our mountains densely covered with trees of many different species.

This region is only 33 km distant from Roumonge. The road through it will drive you from the lakes along miles of hallucinating and breathtaking panoramas


Bururi, is one of the most important cities of Burundi. Situated in the south of Burundi, it is also the capital of the Bururi province. The Bururi province is the home of Bururi Forest Nature Reserve and also the Rumonge Nature Reserve. The Bururi forest reserve is a tropical forest and the Rumonge is a semi-deciduous nature reserve. The Kigwena Nature Reserve, a low lying tropical forest is also located in the Bururi province. The official language of Bururi is Kirundi and other languages like Swahili is spoken by the people of Bururi. The Bururi city is the home of various religious groups like Christians and Muslims.


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