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Okapi Snack Bar

In the open air to contemplate until further water from the lake Tanganyika, it is Okapi Snack-Bar right on bank of the lake.

Beach OKAPI : African specialities & hiring picnic

On the Okapi beach, the true place for yourmoment of relieving. De l’art aussi .

From Okapi snack bar, direct access on water of the Lake Tanganyika and there is a possibility for camping.


The enclosure mother of Saga Plage Resort, whose frontage of entry reserves great surprises inside to you, is located between the Roadway of Uvira (RN4) (it is the terrestrial way which binds the capital of Burundi Bujumbura to Répubique Démocratique of Congo) and the Lake Tanganyika. We are in Burundi, in the heart of Africa Centrale, it is the Great Lakes Region. Come to discover this corner by your simple curiosity, your conviction will retain you there and your satisfaction will make of them the corner preferred for your moments of relaxation and leisures.


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