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Restaurants, Bars, Disco, etc

Below is a non-exhaustive list of suggested restaurants and bars, for the most part courtesy of Morgan's blog. Check out menus to find out about other meals served at these restaurants.

Local dishes:

In the city center, head to Baobab – Boulevard de l'Uprona across ONT (The National Tourism Office), Cafarc, Avenue de Grèce near the fish shop 'Poissonerie' and inside Galerie les Arcades, Café au Petit Plateau across the US embassy near Dimitri, Hibiscus – Avenue du Zaire near the Greek Orthodox Church, and still quite close to the center are BBQ – Avenue Muyinga, Chez André – Chaussée Prince Louis Rwagasore, Pont Muha – Boulevard de la Liberté, Isango – Boulevard Mwezi Gisabo, Kinindo district.

Fish dishes:

Generally a good choice in Bujumbura, there are numerous restaurants and cabarets to choose from, including but not limited to Tanganyika Hotel Restaurant – overlooking Tanganyika close to the Port, Restaurant du Lac Petanque (both on Avenue de la Plage), Isango in Kinindo district, Le Divan – Quartier Zeimet, Cocodi Chaussée Prince Louis Rwagasore

Chicken dishes:

Maquis – Avenue de l' Université, Picnic/Nkolo Mboko – Avenue de la Democratie, Kassim's, Petit Suisse, La Reine – All three in Quartier Asiatique


La Fantasia – Avenue Nicolas Mayugi

Burgers/fast food:

Cayor ]- Chaussée Prince Louis Rwagasore in front of the French Culture Centre, Le Petit Bruxelles – near Botanika and ONT on Boulevard de l'Uprona.


Shanghai – Avenue Muyinga, Rohero I district.


Oasis, Botanika – both on Boulevard de l'Uprona, Vaya (Kiriri past the Monument for Unity), Chez André – both on Chausée Prince Louis Rwagasore, Bora Bora – Kajaga Beach, Ubuntu – Avenue de la Plage, Kasuku – Avenue de l'industrie 10


Khana Khazana – Avenue de Juillet 2, Tandoor – Avenue de la Culture


Habesha on Avenue Rukonwe, Kabondo District.


The French Culture Centre 'Centre Culturel Français or CCF' is the main venue in Bujumbura for entertainment. Although Kirundi is the national language, French is the administrative language and both are official languages. The CCF organizes events on a regular basis. If you speak, understand or are interested in the French Language, this is a starting place to find out about all kinds of day and evening activities.

Night life

Nightlife in Bujumbura involves eating out, special events or dancing. It can be difficult to know about special organized events as a short-term visitor (much of the news is word of mouth). Otherwise most nights of the week, the music is on at Havana and Calvados. At weekends, between 11:00 and midnight, diner tables disappear to make room for nightclubs at Archipel, Aosta, Liquids. A few times in the month, the Gymnase Club organizes dancing evenings with a DJ. Decidedly hip, Club Toxic is a popular nightclub for the city’s young at heart. 

Just outside Bujumbura:

Okapi Bar/Restaurant – Saga Plage

Some restaurants that are worth a visit are:


  • Botanika Small, European style, funky dining. Expensive. Great outdoor eating area, good for brunch on weekends, has wireless. Popular with business, government and expats, often full.
  • Le Bouteille d'Or (near center of town, ask a taxi driver, or a local). Basic beer garden that serves a local specialty, beef "michopo", deliciously seasoned steamed beef served with little dough cubes.
  • Le Cayor, Chaussee Prince Louis Rwagasore (Opposite Centre Culturel Français). Busy for lunch. General Burundian dishes, but also Cameroonian food.
  • Oasis Greek restaurant and pizza on the main drag in town – next to Havana. Excellent Greek mezze.
  • Pont Muha, (continue Bld de la Liberte till you reach the river Muha). Best Burundian brochettes in town. If you are hungry take the brochette Hôtelière.
  • Tropicana, Chaussée Prince Louis Rwagasore (Head East from Palace De L'Indépendance). Stylish and new (Dec 2010) restaurant and internet café. Very good burgers, omelettes, juices and coffee.
  • La Baguette Magique, Boulevard Lumumba Patrice. Not a café or restaurant, just a very good bakery. Worth stopping at to stock up on cakes/croissants.
  • Chez Michel, Next to Hotel le Tanganika. Excellent Belgian Bistro with Belgian beers.


  • BBQ, Avenue Muyinga. Interesting menu and cosy ambiance.
  • Chez Andre, Chaussée Prince Louis Rwagasore. Super fancy restaurant in a large, decked-out mansion. Service can be slow and disappointing.
  • Le safran, Av Kukiko 38 (Rohero II), ☎ +257 22 213 999, [4]. 8-1430 / 18-22:30. Le Safran, Av. Kukiko 38 (Rohero II), ☎ +257 22 213 999, [new]. 8-1430 / 18-2230. At Av. Kukiko in quartier Rohero II you'll find this quality restaurant with a buffet rocking every Friday evening with live music. The cosy bar with pool-table has a happy hour between 18:00 and 19:00 hours. medium. medium.
  • Shanghai, Avenue Muyinga (coming from the central market, take the Chaussée Prince Louis Rwagasore and turn left just before the Alimentation Escale du Bien – it's about 600 m up the Av. Muyinga, opposite a kindergarten). Best Chinese in town. Very fast service (in and out in less than an hour), also open for lunch.
  • Tandoor, BV Uprona (Between Bv Uprona and Bv 28 September). Good Indian food.


  • Belvedere, Avenue de Belvedere. Dining with a superb view over the city. Also open for lunch. Expensive.
  • Restaurant "Chez Vaya"Traditional Greek Kitchen old from 1989 with panoramic view Tel (257) 22228231 Mob (257) 79921191 E-mail: vayaburundi@yahoo.fr
  • Khana Khazana (khanakhazana@ovi.com), 2 Avenue de Juillet (Mr Anis lakhani), ☎ 0025778786786. Some of the best Indian food anywhere. MONDAY CLOSED

Lake Tanganyika

  • Cercle Nautique de Bujumbura, Avenue de la Plage. The food is nothing to impressed with, but the views (on a clear day) on Lake Tanganyika and the mountains of Congo (DRC) are unforgettable. (closed since February 2010). As of late 2011, new owners have maintained the prices but brought with them miniscule selection of food that in no way reflects the menu and shoddy service.
  • Ubuntu, Avenue de la Plage. Nice garden setting in deluxe hotel with rather overpriced food. The garden also houses several turtles, peacocks, and has some resident Uganda Cranes.
  • Eden Great lake views. Best pizza's in Bujumbura, owned and managed by well-known Belgian restauranteur who flies the mozzarella in from Italy. Ave de la Plage (along lake, past Ubuntu)
  • Restaurant Tanganyika, 1 Avenue de la Plage. Set in a glorious 1930s art deco building and run by a professional Belgian chef Restaurant Tanganyika serves up some of the best food in the city. Mains from 18,000.
  • Restaurant Hotel La Palmeraie, Nice new hotel with garden/pool side restuarant serving excellent french and international cuisine. Nice wine list, but meals can an be expensive (30-40$).


  • Habesha, Avenue Rukonwe (near the PSG Office). Good Ethiopian food.  edit


  • Le Safran, Av. Kunkiko 38 (Rohero II), ☎ +257 22 213 999, [6]. 8-1430 / 18-2230. At Av. Kunkiko in quartier Rohero II you'll find this quality restaurant with a buffet every Friday evening and Sunday afternoon and evening. The cozy bar with a colourfull dans-night on Friday has a happy hour between 18:00 and 19:00 hours. medium.

Several bars are located on Av de l'Universite (between Bld de l'Independence and Blv Mao Tse Tung).

The best known places for a transnight dance are l'Archipel and Havana. L'Archipel can be found at Blv de la Liberté and Havana is on Blv de Uprona (around the corner of the Novotel).



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