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The thermal waters of Munini

thermal waters of Munini Burundi

thermal waters of Munini Burundi fallTaking its source in south-western slopes of the mountain range of Kibimba, who also gave birth to the thermal waters of Muhwezi in the north-east, the hot springs of Muniniare located in a spectacular environment of rock with steep slopes rising up to 2367 m in the east, and a valley where the ascending waters sparkle from the same sources.
A stroll on the overlooking hill makes you discover the pool. It looks like magic, the fall of 100 m high, which hits the rocks forming a basin at the bottom of the cliff, and continues its course to meet the warm waters of the outlet of the basin and then up a tributary of the River Siguvyaye further west.

Surrounding residents and others from elsewhere are attending the scene very early in the morning or late in the evening. Unlike the warm waters of Muhwezi the same basin is shared by men and women arranged in two distinct groups.

There are hot bath offered for tourists who like to spend some days at ease in Burundi, including a stay at the Inn of Petit Seminaire of Buta, nearby the sources.


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