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The pygmees village of Busekera

Pygmees of Busekera BurundiThe pygmies’ village of Busekera is located on the southern edge of Kibira National Park, at about 5km from the crossroads of Bugarama. This population, who in former time lived on hunting and gathering, like most pygmies in central Africa, has remarkably changed their life style in Burundi. Although they settled near the forest, they no longer wear costume made from foliages of wild trees. Their size is neither less normal than the rest of Burundians.

Nevertheless, the site of Busekera, developed by French embassy in Burundi in 2006, keeps its genuine attractive character for the visitors. Here, peace reigns and the architecture, the panorama of this traditional dwelling-place and its surroundings give it its originality. Moreover, a possibility of spending the night in the thatched huts after a tour in the nearby primeval forest brings to tourist a memorable sensation of deep Africa.

BURUNDIDES list this site on each circuit passing by Bugarama towards the central regions or the northern attractions of Burundi.


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