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Saga Beach

Saga Beach is a strikingly attractive beach of the country and is one of the popular tourist attractions of Burundi. Saga Beach of Burundi looks spectacular and stretches along the coast of Lake Tanganyika. The clear and white sand accompanied by sprawling waves is pleasant to watch. Initially the beach was known as Plage des Cocotiers (Coconut Beach) but later on it came to be known as Saga Beach.

The Saga Beach in Burundi lies northwest to the capital city of Burundi and the beach has been newly named in honor of the Saga Beach Resort, which is the largest restaurant and bar of the area. The Saga Beach Resort is a popular tourist joint as this place houses several restaurants along with awesome beach front bars which are highly affordable for all types of guests. The resort is packed most of the time, and generally on weekends the crowd is maximum.

Among all the popular tourist attractions of Burundi, the Saga Beach is the most famous one and the adjacent resort makes it all the more attractive. The serene and tranquil atmosphere on the Saga beach is extremely relaxing and refreshing and is ideal after a long, tiresome day.


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