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National Museum in Gitega

Located in Gitega, a large city not far from Burundi's capital, the National Museum hosts some of the best archival information about the history of the country. See photographs of Burundi's monarchies and learn about contemporary struggles with ethnic conflict and genocide.The exterior is not extremely impressive and the aesthetics are not great in general, but the content is sure to inform and entertain.

Gitega (formerly Kitega) is the second largest city in Burundi, lying east of Bujumbura. It is the capital of Gitega Province, one of the 17 provinces of Burundi. It is the home of the Burundi National Museum and the Archdiocese of Gitega. Several karyenda royal drum sanctuaries are located in the area, as well as the ibwami (royal court).

Capital city
In March 2007, President of Burundi Pierre Nkurunziza announced that Burundi is planning to bring back its capital city to Gitega, saying that it is in a better location for a capital than Bujumbura.

Musée National de Gitega

(Gitega National Museum)
Date founded: 1955

Place de la révolution 223
Gitega Mail: BP 110 Gitega

Telephone: +257 402 359
Telefax: +257 219 295
E-mail: jmapfarakora@yahoo.fr


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