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Lake Nyanza

Lake Nyanza Burundi

Situated in the Lake Tanganyika plain at 123km south of Bujumbura, Lake Nyanza is both a natural and historical site. It is featured by a promontory overlooking the Lake Tanganyika, from which you have a magnificent view across a large bay, only limited at remote horizons by Tanzanian mountains in the south.

At the foot of this headland, where the meeting of the explorers Speke and Burton is marked by a fish-shaped metallic signpost with original aesthetic, stretches a vast charming sandy beach, on which the numerous fishing boats are disposed like the keys of a piano. The place is very suitable for rest, relaxation, swimming and for the amateurs of water sports.

It is noteworthy to recall that the Lake Tanganyika is a whole inland sea of fresh water serving four countries (Burundi, Tanzania, DRC, and Zambia). About 800km long and with a mean width of 50km, it attains in deepest areas 1,470 metres deep, what makes it the world deepest lake after the lake Baikal. Its shores are situated at 774 metres above the sea level.


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