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Kigwena Forest

Kigwena Forest Burundi

Created in 1954, the forest reserve of Kigwena extends over 3,300hectares between 773 and 820m of altitude along the Lake Tanganyika in Rumonge commune. It stretches out over the western piedmont of the Congo-Nile ranges and comes down the gentle slope on the plain down to the lake, straddling the national route no.3.

The interesting part for BURUNDIDES is situated between the national road no3 in the east and the Lake Tanganyika in the west covering an area of 50hectares. It comprises a peri- Guinean forest, very rich in fauna and flora: a luxuriant vegetation, big calaos, various monkeys (of which baboons living in large families, and other primates), but also many species of birds and butterflies.

There exist in the vicinity of this reserve the hot springs of Mugara. It is a picturesque forest, unique in its kind in Burundi, for it is the only nature reserve of the equatorial kind in the country. A guide of the National Institute for the Environment and the Nature Conservation leads visitors through the forest by inextricable areas.


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