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Karera Falls

Karera falls Burundi

The falls of the Karera river are in Rutana province, in the municipality of Musongati, 3 km from the capital area of the Shanga zone and 12 km from the high road n° 8 connecting the urban centres of Gitega and Rutana.
They are located in an protected area covering 142 ha.
There are four falls in the Karera river, swelled by a branch from the Mwaro river coming in from the west.
The latter, parallel to the second fall in the Karera, forms a downstream with this one, the 4th which has the most powerful concentration of all the falls.
The fifth completes its spectacular descent to give way to a river which first runs initially in small cascades and then slowly at the bottom of the valley, through a forest gallery, which leads to the Muyovozi river and the Malagarazi which is thrown finally into Lake Tanganyika after a long course until Kigoma in Tanzania.
One finds there large trees such as Neutonia buchananii surrounded by a savanna with Parinari curatellifolia and Pericopsis angolensis but also a lot of bird species. Burundi presents the falls of Karera to the tourists as one of the principal passages required for those who visit Burundi.
More of the itineraries sold to the tourists generally include the falls of Karera.


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