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Hot Springs of Muhweza

Muhweza hot springs Burundi

The hot springs of Muhweza are set at 4km south of the southernmost source of the Nile River, on the foot of the north-east part of Kibimbi range. The tracks of access are in good state and the topography along the journey abruptly changes from the mountainous relief around the pyramid of Gikizi, what has made paragliding sports possible by over-flying this plain, which suddenly comes out after a short steep slope.

The thermal springs of Muhweza are formed by two basin supplied by ascending springs , one for men and the other, more secret reserved to women. In sight of visitors, men look indifferent but spontaneously answer the possible questions, whereas women become excited and gaily peep from behind the gallery bush that hides them.

The thermal waters from the outlets of the two basins join the river that you cross to reach them and form a tributary of Jiji River a bit far downstream the whole.

For short excursions, BURUNDIDES proposes to tourists the hot springs of Muhweza, what is a weekend trip from Bujumbura (one day round trip), together with the source of the Nile, or an overnight stay, on the way towards the attractions of Rutana and Gitega.


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