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Gasumo, the southernmost source of the Nile

Pyramid source of Nile Burundi

The famous Nile River has got its southernmost source in Burundi, downhill the mount Gikizi at 2 044m of altitude and at 6 671km from its contact point with the Mediterranean sea. It was discovered in 1 934 by the German Waldecker.

A pyramid that symbolises this long sought after discovery was set up in 1 938, on the top of the mount Gikizi at 2 088m of altitude. From this structure, you can survey the central plateau of Bututsi and the plain of Muhweza, as well as the urban centre of Rutana that seems to seep out of the verdant mountain dominating the plain of Kumoso that stretches to the lost horizons up to the Tanzanian border. A commemorative metallic signpost indicating the route of the Nile was carved in the east wall of the pyramid.

The Nile is the longest river in Africa. Its channel crosses five African countries upstream-downstream, of which Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Sudan, and Egypt, without mentioning other five countries that constitute the bulk of its basin. Huge electric dams of which that of Assuan and Assiout were built on the Nile which made the basis of the political and economic unity of Egypt.


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