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Birds’ Lake (Kirundo)

Lake Rwihinda Burundi

Kirundo is a region for nature lovers, located in the far-north of the country, with an altitude ranging between 1300 and 1800metres. BURUNDIDES invites you to visit this region, a quaint corner of the world for the lovers of the African heartlands, of its customary and ancestral life-style, as well as for the people seeking tranquility in an ever- quiet and verdant environment.

Lake Rwihinda birdsLake Rwihinda (birds lake), is seen as the principal attraction of the region. It is the mostly recommended for nature lovers and birdwatchers, amateurs or professionals.
The lake Rwihinda is situated in Kirundo commune nearby the famous hills of Shinge and Rugero (1596m of altitude), and it covers an area of 425hectares. It is an inland lake and distinguishes itself from the rest of the lakes by its physionomy that comprises an islet around which tourists can navigate in dugout canoes. Depending on the visitors, the attraction of the lake does not only lie in its spectacular natural aspect, but also the dugout itself is an element of tourist attraction for it recalls the ancient times in addition to its magical sound produced at the contact with the water-lilies scattered on the surface of the still water.

The lake and its surroundings are nature reserve protected by the National Institute for the Environment and Nature Preservation (INECN) since 1959. The floating plants are mainly the water-lily (nymphea dispo) and the potamogeton. The animal species characteristic of the lake comprises various species of fishes, 49species of migratory and sedentary birds of which most are aquatic.

There exist two kinds of very big compact clods in the lake called ‘Ibishinga’: those with vegetation that are immobile and those without plants in perpetual movement, according to the direction of the light wind blowing in that lowland of Burundi.


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