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Agasumo ka Mwaro

agasumo ka Mwaro BurundiTo visit the site ‘Agasumo ka Mwaro’, you only have to take the national road no.18 joining the town of Gitega and the urban centre of Mwaro not far from the latter. In this natural environment, trails along the Kayokwe River lead to a series of high cascades offering a fascinating spectacle, which gave the name to this site ‘Agasumo nearly means falls). It is in this isolated and secret corner that the neighboring population but also people from distant areas, come to carry on the cult of Kiranga, ‘Kubandwa’. It is very common to find on the place coins, even bits of bank notes, having been used as offerings during the rituals.

Before the arrival of catholic missionaries all Burundians believed in one God ‘Imana’. Today, whereas before the different religions or evangelical movements preached to their followers using the Swahili appellation ‘Mungu’, the word ‘Imana’ ended up being adopted by most of religions practiced in Burundi, for it captures well the conception of the Supreme Being instilled in the mentality of this people. ‘Agasumo ka Mwaro’ represents one of the high abodes of God: ‘I wabo w’Imana’.

The cult of Kiranga is still practiced today in some corners of Burundi and generally in secret places, but also having in their background some mystery like ‘Agasumo ka Mwaro’, Karera waterfalls, ‘Ibuye rya Inangurire’, etc.

BURUNDIDES considers ‘Agasumo ka Mwaro’ as a historic place that served and still serves as the centre of worship interest for the followers of this belief that has resisted the ages. Tourists who want to meditate on the site, by formulating the wishes which will be, apparently, granted soon or later, will deposit money in the form of offerings.


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