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Agasimbo dance

The ‘Agasimbo’ dance is peculiar to this southern region of Burundi. Like most of male dances of Burundi, the ‘Agasimbo’ dance is performed with much deftness to prove the talent, suppleness, beauty and the physical strength of the dancers. It is an entertainment performance struck up simply for the pleasure and joy of living of the inhabitants of that region of Buragane; but also for amusing people the evenings, especially during periods of good harvest in this fertile region of the country.

This acrobatic dance requires much suppleness: the dancer spins around like a top by successively making movements according to the rhythm of the hand clapping, feet and hands alternating in touching the ground to the dictate of the refrains.

The ‘Agasimbo’ dancers have become very famous and have already brought enjoyment in many countries across the world. Today, they are regularly invited to embellish the national events or for welcoming distinguished visitors to Burundi.

This dance has existed since the monarchy and has gone through ages till date as it is passed on from father to son, in the same geographical locality.




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