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International Leadership University – Burundi

A word from the President

In today’s fast changing world, there is an enormous need for expertise in the field of leadership and good governance. In fact, it is an absolute requirement for success.

With globalization, the world is becoming more and more like a small village with an interdependent economies and for them to function well, it will require skilled and talented young professionals men and women of integrity who will become tomorrow’s leaders in business, politics, private and public sectors, churches etc. Where will these leaders come from ?

The International Leadership University (ILU) Burundi offers a chance to study Governance, Leadership and Management. These are the best educational programs that strive on integrity, biblical stewardship, contextual relevance, empowering leadership and excellence.

ILU Burundi is also hosting the School of Theology and Missiology that offers Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees in Theology and Missiology. The School of Theology and Missiology adresses aspects of biblical , theological and missiological issues in order to promote the Gospel with the motivation of planting, developping and growing mission-minded churches in african context.

I am confident you will find ILU Burundi to be the perfect place to be trained for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow’s global economy.

Bosela E. Eale

PhD President


Our core values


– Promote value-based leadership that transforms organisations and societies
– Equip leaders with innovative and problem-solving skills
– Provide consultancy services and make recommendations for organizational development.
– Build a resource data bank for organizations and governments


– To educate and develop Christ centered multiplying leaders of integrity for holistic transformation
– in every domain of society in Africa and beyond


Christ centered leaders holistically transforming every domain of society.


  • Integrity
  • Biblical Stewardship
  • Contextual Relevance
  • Empowering Leadership
  • Excellence

For more details on the program or how you can apply, use the contact below :

THE Registrar

P.O. Box 2330, Bujumbura

Mobile : +257 7622 1100

Tel : +257 2222 1584, 2222 1959

Email : iluburundi@gmail.com

Physical address : No 6730B2/A, Yaranda Boulevard Rohero 1 Bujumbura – BURUNDI

(Near the Senate Building)

Our website address : http://www.iluburundi.org


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