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Cities and towns in Burundi

Situated in Central Africa, towards east of Congo, Burundi is a mountainous region with a plateau in the east.
Burundi Cities and Towns are divided into several provinces for the convenience of administration.
The country consists of several cities among which Bujumbura is the capital of the country. Bujumbura is the administrative and economic center of Burundi which also serves as a port for the export and import of the country. Situated in the eastern part of Bujumbura, is Gitega, the second biggest city of Burundi. The city houses the famous Burundi National Museum, which is one of the prime attractions of the country.
Map of Burundi (click to see the big map)
Bururi is another important city of Burundi, which is also the capital of Bururi province. Apart from these important towns of Burundi, there are several other major towns and cities in Burundi, namely:

  • Ruyigi
  • Muyinga
  • Ngozi
  • Bubanza
  • Kayanza
  • Kirundo
  • Makamba
  • Muramvya
  • Muyinga
  • Mwaro


City of Bujumbura

Bujumbura is the largest city and main administrative division of Burundi. Situated in the northeast part of Lake Tanganyika in Burundi, it is the capital city of the country. Bujumbura serves as the economic as well as the communication hub of the country. Formerly, the city was known as "Usumbura". Burundi became independent in 1962, and was renamed as " Bujumbura". After the end of the civil war in 2005, the city now lives in peace. It houses some of the major attractions of the country, namely,

  • Burundi Museum of Life
  • Burundi Geological Museum
  • Islamic Cultural Center
  • Rusizi National Park (nearby tourist attraction)

Bujumbura Flights

It is very easy for the tourists to reach Bujumbura, a city in Burundi. There are several airlines serving the Bujumbura International Airport. The Bujumbura flights include:

  • Kenya Airways
  • Rwandair Express
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • China Postal Airlines

Air Burundi, the national airline of the country has ceased operations from 2007. This airline also used to maintain flight operation from the Bujumbura International Airport to various parts of Burundi.

Hotels Bujumbura

Bujumbura offers a wide array of accommodation facilities from good to excellent standards. The city has several hotels providing a wide range of services to the tourists. The most popular hotels Bujumbura are:

  • Club des Vacances Hotel
  • Novotel Bujumbura
  • 2Source Du Nil Hotel
  • Hotel Chez Vaya (Kiriri)
  • Hotel Club du Lac Tanganyika


City of Gitega Burundi


In the eastern part of Bujumbura lies the second largest city of Burundi, Gitega. It is one of the most important cities of Burundi. Gitega, is the capital of the Gitega province and houses the Burundi National Museum, which is one of the major attractions of the country. The government of Burundi has decided to shift its capital to Gitega city. Located in the centre of the country, it can serve the population of Burundi in a better way. Formerly, it was known as " Kitega".

It is also the home of Archdiocese of Gitega (the ecclesiastical province). Gitega, a city in Burundi also features many karyenda (royal drums). Formerly, the "karyendas" used to be the conventional symbol of Burundi and its emperors ( mwami). When any rule was being set for the kingdom, the beatings of the drums alerted the people and then the announcement was made. Gitega city houses several sanctuaries exhibiting various types of "karenydas". Many royal courts or ibwami are situated in the Gitega city.

It is the center for education having a number of primary, vocational and secondary schools. Gitega also has many places of worships for people of different religion.  


Rutana Burundi

Rutana is one of the most important towns of Burundi. It is situated in the southern part of Burundi and is the capital of the Rutana province. The Rutana province is one of the seventeen provinces of Burundi. The Rutana town is located in the western part of Mount Kikizi. It is the highest mountain in Burundi. The beautiful Kagera Falls is one of the major attractions of Rutana, the city of Burundi. The city is the home of various ethnic groups and the people mainly uses Swahili and Kirundi languages.

The people of Rutana suffer from ill- health like many other people living in different parts of Burundi. Many NGOs have been working in this part of the country for improvement in their health condition. The HIV aids and many other respiratory diseases are the main causes behind the deaths in Burundi.


Bururi Burundi

Bururi, is one of the most important cities of Burundi. Situated in the south of Burundi, it is also the capital of the Bururi province. The Bururi province is the home of Bururi Forest Nature Reserve and also the Rumonge Nature Reserve. The Bururi forest reserve is a tropical forest and the Rumonge is a semi-deciduous nature reserve. The Kigwena Nature Reserve, a low lying tropical forest is also located in the Bururi province. The official language of Bururi is Kirundi and other languages like Swahili is also spoken by the people of Bururi. The Bururi city is the home of various religious groups like Christians and Muslims.



Cankuzo is an important city in Burundi, located in the eastern part of the country. It is also the capital of Cankuzo province. The province itself is categorized into five communes namely, Cankuzo, Cendajuru, Kigamba Gisagara and Mishiha commune. It has a total number of four deputies in their National Assembly. The city is inhabited by people of different religion. The languages mainly used by the Cankuzo people are Swahili and Kirundi.

Many NGOs are working in this part of Burundi to improve the health condition of the people residing in Cankuzo. Lack of education is one of the major causes behind the deplorable condition of the city. Financial assistance is being provided by various organizations for the development of Burundi.


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