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IZERE is an organization of Burundians living in the Netherlands that seeks to mobilize the Burundian diaspora in putting them in contact with fellow Burundians so that it creates a collaborative effort to rebuild the country. Izere existing since 1997 is now busy to initiate activities that contribute to the reconstruction of Burundi through economic initiatives.
Today has IZERE  three Cooperatives initiated within the countries (Ngozi, Gitega and Makamba) aimed to serve as local development centers. In the same context it is busy on projects to the work on partnership between Dutch businessmen and Burundians in organizing this business mission of December 6 to 11 to establish trade relations between Burundi and the Netherlands.

In addition, Izere wants to implement its expertise to make the banking sector in Burundi more performant. Together with a group of local investors, they have got an idea to create a new bank in Burundi that will meet the real needs of entrepreneurs and other potential customers; particularly focussed on the SME's and the development of the country.

The NGO Izere is already known in Burundi and wants to remain an active partner in promoting development and economic reconstruction of Burundi. Izere means HOPE and wants to create hope in Burundi through its contribution to the total reconstruction of the country.

Address: Trasmolenstraat 22,
1333 CX Almere
The Netherlands,
tel 0031-650503357
telefax; 0031-365407290,
e-mail: info@izere.nl, izere2008@yahoo.fr

For more details, see www.izere.nl


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